An Exercise in Color Grading

Today’s exercise focused on color grading and how the change in color affects the overall mood of the picture. For this exercise, I found a picture on and used that as the canvas to experiment in color correction.

Picture below, named Horses of The New Forest, credited to Flickr user “danny george.”

Original source image

Initial color edit

This color edit, done on Adobe Photoshop, came about simply by me messing around with the color curves to come up with a darker look. As seen above, it’s a bit too dark, harsh and oversaturated.

Further color correction and brightness/contrast adjustment

In this picture, I once again used color curves to change the colors subtly, but also utilized brightness and contrast, as well as hues and saturation, in order to come up with a more pleasant look.


Dolphin Modeling Progress

Below is my progress in modeling a dolphin in 3DS Max. So far I’ve completed the first step: create a basic shape on the dolphin itself.



Werewolf movie poster

Full poster shown here, text and all. With all the editing, text, and so on applied here. Created in Photoshop using images from and Google Images.

Features the infamous anti-video game politician Jack Thompson as the severed head of the politician.

Intro Post

I hereby establish this post as the first “blog” post I ever made. Even though I’ve been doing forum posts and the like for years now, I have yet to make a blog like this…until now.

This is the place where I expect to lay down my views on the gaming industry, as well as various miscellaneous happenings within my life, all while in the hope that someone, somewhere will read it and consider it a damn good opinion to consider.

Until then, stay tuned.

– Nettacki