Video Games I’ve Played This Week

I like to play video games. A lot. I’ve been playing them since childhood, starting roughly around the time I was playing educational games before moving to “real” games like F-Zero for the Super Nintendo. Since then, I’ve moved through various platforms in various generations up until now, where I’ve settled with a PC, a Playstation 3 console, and a Playstation Vita portable.

So here’s my list of games that I’ve played this previous week, seen across multiple platforms:

  1. The Witcher Enhanced Edition for PC: I’ve been playing this RPG on and off for a while, the longest session being at least 3 hours. I haven’t played this game in months before last week due to time constraints, but nonetheless I managed to get a session in. I’m currently in a party involving the princess and some other associates in some high class city. It’s pretty good. I’d totally get it for cheap.
  2. Ys Memories of Celceta for PS Vita: I’ve been playing this game a lot since I first got the Silver Anniversary Edition for Christmas. It’s an action RPG made by a Japanese company with an anime style, so it kinda appeals to me in a way. I mostly played it for the gameplay, which has you explore a large world filled with things to see, resources to mine, and monsters to slaughter by the masses with a party of 3.

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